Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

When will the Premiere open?
We will be launching 2023. Register to put your name on THE VIP LIST to be the first to be alerted when tickets go on sale for VIP Access.
Is the Premiere kid-friendly? What is the suggested age-range?
I think this would be a great field trip for a school, is the Premiere educational?
Is the Premiere appropriate for a corporate group or team-building?
Who will be seeing the movie? Will someone be taking my picture on the red carpet?
Do you offer private events?
Is there food available at the Premiere?

The Experience

How long does the experience last?
What exactly will I be doing?
Will I really be acting in a movie? Do I have to memorize lines?
What should I wear? Will I be wearing a costume?
How do I get a copy of the movie, and my pictures from the red carpet?


How can I buy tickets?
How much do tickets cost?